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May Mood Tracker and Habit Tracker – Free Bullet Journal Style Printables

Print this sweet May mood tracker and habit tracker. This floral mood tracker will brighten up any planner in the spring. If you would rather use this for habit tracking instead of mood tracking, you can use it that way as well.

This tracker is designed like any bullet journal mood tracker style – it includes a floral design and there is a flower that represents each day of the month. You will color in each flower based on the color code that you create in your key below the tracker.

If you’re working on your bullet journal layout for the month, you can incorporate this design by cutting it and pasting it into your bullet journal. I find that washi tape also works well to place a page within a bullet journal. Just print the page at a smaller size (see directions here for how to resize printables for any size planner).

If you are new to bullet journaling, adding in a tracker is a great way to add to something in addition to your monthly spreads each month.

This image is of a green planner with gold rings opened up to the free May Mood tracker you can download at the end of this blog post.

What is the benefit of tracking mood changes in a month?

If you are looking for mood patterns – it can help to track your mood on a daily basis. It is extremely important if you or your doctor are wondering if you have any sort of mood disorders or a family member is struggling (such as a child), or you are trying to get a better understanding of your moods and what triggers specific moods.

And I am not just talking about bad moods or negative emotions. It can be helpful to track your positive emotions and mood shifts of any sort to see if you can find a pattern in what causes the change in your mood. For example, maybe you notice there is a pattern related to your monthly period. Or, maybe you notice that you seem to have better days after a night out with friends.

You can take the information you gain from your monthly mood tracker to make better plans for the next months so that you can increase activities that brought you better days. Or you can try to decrease triggers that caused you not to be in a good mood.

Using the May mood tracker to track daily moods

No matter your daily moods – if you’re having good days, bad days, sad days, excited days, anxious days, – this mood tracker will work for you. The key is designed so that you can put in your own choice of different moods.

Just choose different colors for each mood. Write the mood down on the key and color in what color you would like to represent the mood. Then at the end of the month, you can easily tell how your month went overall by seeing which colors of the flowers you have the most and which ones you have the least.

Keeping track of your moods all year can really help!

If you use monthly trackers for the entire year, you can keep track of your emotions even further. Maybe you’ll notice there is a pattern based on the temperature outside, holidays, school, etc.

Bring your mood trackers to your therapy or doctors appointments

If you have professional help related to your emotional states or mental health, keeping a mood log is a great way to communicate how you have been. Clinical psychologists, therapists, and doctors, will all be able to obtain more information about you.

This is especially important if you are trying to obtain information on possible mental disorders. Mood trackers can truly be powerful tools in helping you monitor your mental state and anything that has a huge influence on your overall mood.

Here is an example of what the floral mood tracker might look like when filled in for May.

This image is a blue-green planner with silver rings opened up to the free May Mood tracker you can download at the end of this blog post. The tracker is filled in with various colors. There is a Key at the bottom of the tracker that says - blue for sad, reddish orange for anxious, yellow for happy and pink for content.

Using the May Mood Tracker as a Habit Tracker Instead

This May mood tracker can easily be used to track habits instead. There are various reasons to track specific habits.

Whether you are using a bullet journal system, or not, habit trackers are a great way to track different things in your life such as:

  • how much time your spending on devices
  • physical health (how much you exercise, steps, water intake)
  • no spend
  • coffee intake
  • soda intake
  • time reading

Want more ideas of what habits to track? Check out this extensive list of what to track with a habit tracker.

The color key included at the bottom of the printable mood tracker can easily be used for a habit tracker instead.

Does the tracker have a key area?

Yes, there is a key at the bottom of the tracker. You have a few different options for keys – 2 choices, 4 choices, and 6 choices. You’ll also have one that has a blank key area in case you want to make your own mood chart for the key.

Can I use this mood tracker for more than May?

Yes! Even though I have called this a May mood tracker, in reality, you can use this tracker for any month with 30 or 31 days.

Why isn’t there a title on this mood tracker?

People use these trackers for so many different things other than just their daily moods. I wanted people to be able to use it for anything and not be tied into just using it as a mood tracker for May. I did leave space to write in your own title that fits how you are using the printable tracker.

What file types are included in this set of free printable mood trackers?

There are multiple file types included. A PNG file is included for those that want to embed the tracker into a digital planner program such as Goodnotes. The file types included are:

  • PDF files
  • JPG files
  • PNG files

What size is the May mood tracker and habit tracker?

You can resize the files for any size planner – use my tutorial here for how to resize printables for any size planner. But, my files come in the following standard sizes:

  • Letter size
  • Classic Happy Planner size
  • A5 size

Want more cute mood trackers and habit trackers?

I have many more mood and habit trackers on my site with lots of different styles. Here are a few of my favorites.

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The top of this image says Free Floral Mood and Habit Tracker. Below that is a blue-green planner with silver rings opened up to the free May Mood tracker you can download at the end of this blog post. The tracker is filled in with various colors. There is a Key at the bottom of the tracker that says - blue for sad, reddish orange for anxious, yellow for happy and pink for content.