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Free Rainbow Mood and Habit Tracker Printables

A free rainbow mood tracker (or habit tracker) is the perfect cheerful printable to add to your planner. What could bring more color to your planner than a rainbow?

Each day of the month, you color in a stripe to your rainbow depending on the key that you set up. By the end of the month, you will have a colorful rainbow.

This is an example of the free rainbow mood and habit tracker printables you can get for free in this post.

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What Does the Rainbow Mood & Habit Tracker Look Like?

Here is an example of what the free rainbow trackers look like. This is an example of a 30 day month and a 31 day month.

This is an example of the free rainbow mood and habit tracker printables you can get for free in this post.

How Do you Download the Free Trackers?

Click here to download the free rainbow trackers. Or, scroll down to the end of the posts and click the large Click to Download button to get them.

What Months are Included in the Free Set of Monthly Trackers?

You will get all 12 months of the year including a 29 day version for the month of February for when we have a leap year.

How to Use the Rainbow Printable as a Mood Tracker

Are you looking to track your moods? It can be so helpful to see patterns and just to give you (or your therapist) some more information.

In the blank key area, you will assign a color per mood. You can decide how many moods. Make sure to use a different color for each mood and that each color is different enough from the other colors to be able to easily differentiate them.

This is an example of the free rainbow mood and habit tracker printables you can get for free in this post.

How to Use the Rainbow Tracker as a Habit Tracker

You can use the habit tracker in a couple of different ways depending how you set it up.

Simple Habit Tracker

You can just color in a stripe if you complete your habit for the day and leave the stripe blank (or use another color) if you did not complete the task. Or, you can add a 3rd option for partially doing the habit.

More Detailed Habit Tracker

If you are looking to track something with a bit more detail, just set up a key with a different color to represent each item you want to represent. Make sure the colors are different enough that you can easily tell them apart.

For example, if you want to track how much water you are drinking, you could have the following key:

  • red = 3 glasses of water
  • orange = 4 glasses of water
  • yellow = 5 glasses of water
  • green = 6 glasses of water
  • blue = 7 glasses of water
  • indigo = 8 glasses of water
  • violet = 9 glasses of water

Again, this is just an example. The key is blank so you can make it whatever you’d like.

Habit Tracker Ideas

There are SO many things you can track using a habit tracker. You can find my list of 175 things to track in your planner which includes many ideas for using this habit tracker. 

This is an example of the free rainbow mood and habit tracker printables you can get for free in this post.

What Size are the Printables Available In?

The free printables come in US Letter size and Classic Happy Planner Size.

Can I Resize the Bucket List Printables to Different Sizes?

Yes, you can resize them for any size planner. If you are looking to print just a half-letter sheet, all you need to do is set it to print 2 pages per page and it will automatically cut the size in half. If you would like a different size like A5, follow this how to resize planner printables post.

What File Types are Included

  • PDF format
  • JPG format

What is the Best Paper to Use for the Free Rainbow Habit & Mood Trackers?

I suggest printing the trackers on a sturdier paper such as a 32 lb paper, like this one from Amazon. You can use standard printer paper as well, but the thicker paper keeps pens and markers from bleeding through to the back.

This is an example of the free rainbow mood and habit tracker printables you can get for free in this post.

Can I Print the Pages Elsewhere?

Yes! You can send the free printables of your choice to a library, local print shop, etc. to print it if needed.  

Looking for More Free Habit Trackers?

When you sign up by email address to my free Mom Envy members club, you’ll get access to all of my freebies. The great thing is that means you’ll get access to hundreds of planner freebies.

I have so many more free habit trackers on my site including fun seasonally themed trackers. Check them some of my favorite free trackers below.

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