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Things to Track in your Planner

Looking for things to track in your planner? You’ve come to the right place. It seems like a few times I week, I see people in planner groups asking others what to track in their planner.

Often times they’re stay-at-home Moms who feel they don’t have much to include (I get you, I am you). Or, they just want to have a cute chunky planner with lots of pages to keep them busy decorating and filling. Whatever the reason, they all have one thing in common: they want more things to “plan about.”

If you’re here, it’s because you, too, are looking for a list of things to include in your planner. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

Below, you’ll get a list of over 175 ideas PLUS, anytime I have a freebie to match, I’ll include a link to it as well. All of my freebies will be listed next to the item in pink. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to get a printable list for things to include in your planner.

175+ Things to Track in your Planner

Click on the pink links to the right of each idea for the available correlating freebie on Mom Envy!



  • Movies you’ve seen or want to see (movie tracker)
  • Movie release dates for the upcoming year (movie tracker)
  • Books you’ve read or want to read (book tracker)
  • TV Shows you’ve watched or want to watch (tv tracker)
  • TV Show Premier dates
  • TV show schedule (schedule of the shows you plan to watch by day/time)
  • Music – playlists, new album drop dates, etc.
  • Video game release dates for the upcoming year, reviews, etc.

Health (general habit tracker)

Menu Planning (menu set, menu stickers)

  • Grocery lists (menu set, plus numerous themed inserts: llamas, mermaids, plain, flamingo, etc.)
  • Recipes to try (menu set)
  • Meals liked (menu set)
  • Meals disliked and to never make again (menu set)
  • Restaurants to try
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • No Eating Out Tracker
  • Pantry inventory
  • Fridge inventory
  • Freezer inventory


  • Washi tape samples
  • Sticker books bought
  • Sticker book wishlist
  • Craft supply list/inventory
  • Craft project bucket list
  • Youtube channels to watch (plan with me’s, tutorials, etc)
  • Planner websites
  • Favorite ETSY shops
  • Tips for craft machines (i.e., Silhouette or Cricut tips)
  • Fabric swatch collection

House/Car Maintenance 

Budgeting (budgeting set)

To Do Lists/Habits/Other



  • Medications
  • Symptoms
  • Exercise
  • Care information
  • Vet information
  • Grooming information


  • Sex tracker
  • Notes about significant other or someone you’re dating (favorite things, dislikes, interests, etc)
  • Online dating information on potential dates
  • Date tracker (including a rating scale could be fun… :))
  • Tracker of Love Language Acts for Significant Other

Holidays, Birthdays & Parties

  • Birthdays (birthday trackers)
  • Anniversaries (birthday trackers work for anniversaries, too)
  • Gift ideas for others (gift ideas)
  • Menu for the event
  • Items to purchase for the event
  • Decor inspiration/mood board
  • Party ideas tracker (one place to keep track of all party ideas)
  • Party or holiday budget
  • Guest list/RSVPs
  • Gift ideas for yourself (wish list)
  • Gifts received (wish list)
  • Thank you card list
  • Traditions Idea List
  • Gift wrap inventory
  • Holiday-themed Bucket Lists
  • House Guest prep and plans (house guest set)


  • Dream destinations
  • Map of places you’ve been
  • Packing list
  • Airline information
  • Trip itinerary
  • Travel journal


  • Meetings
  • Minutes from meetings
  • Notes to remember about colleagues (likes, dislikes, birthdays, spouses, etc)
  • Contacts list
  • Work projects
  • Blog-related information (posts, social media trackers, courses, etc) (blog planner)
  • Shop Owner (sales, current orders, client information, social media trackers, etc.)
  • Career Goals
  • Business budget

Beauty Routine

  • Appointments
  • Important information for products
  • Product tests and reviews
  • Favorite products list
  • Favorite Beauty YouTubers and bloggers


Honestly, you could track so many things about a wedding. I would probably have a separate wedding planner to contain everything.

  • Budget
  • Guest List
  • Table seating chart
  • Decor ideas
  • Mood board
  • Things to purchase
  • Task list
  • Vendor meeting notes
  • Wedding venue informational chart
  • Contact information for vendors
  • Photography checklist
  • Song list for DJ
  • Gift’s received List
  • Thank you note list
  • Shower guest list
  • Gift registry ideas

Trying to Conceive and Pregnancy

(parent starter set for hospital + after birth)
  • Fertility schedule/Ovulation Test Results
  • Week/Size of the baby
  • Cravings
  • Symptoms
  • Important dates (i.e. appointments)
  • Baby’s growth stats
  • Registry list
  • Gift’s received List
  • Thank you list
  • Hospital information printable for baby’s birth (super helpful!)  (parent starter set)


  • Homework
  • Assessments and tests
  • Due dates
  • Notes
  • Goals and plans
  • Courses to take

Faith Planner

This is one area I haven’t covered in planners (other than specific holidays). But here are some great faith-topics you can keep in your planner (there is much more than this, I know).

  • Prayer list
  • Sermon notes
  • Scripture practice
  • Bible study

Looking for some more free planner printables?

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