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What is a Fauxbonichi? I’ll show you how to make your own fauxbonichi.

So if you’ve been around planner Facebook groups, you may be wondering what is a fauxbonichi? Is it some sort of new planner you can buy in stores? Is it a new brand of planners? 

I am here to answer your questions about fauxbonichis and also, show you how to make your own. Have you been wanting to make one but don’t feel up to creating your own layouts? 

I have you covered. Over the next series of posts, I’ll be sharing free fauxbonichi printables with you. Here at Mom Envy, you’ll find everything you need to create your own fauxbonichi. 

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I am also an affiliate for the HP ink program. Click here to read more. Many of these items can be bought in a craft store using a coupon or sales for less money.


What is the new Fauxbonichi craze all about? 

A fauxbonichi is a planner that uses the Happy Notes system and Happy Planner half-sheets. They are inspired by hobonichi weeks planners

People have been creating fauxbonichis based on hobonichis for years but the newest version in the planner world involves using the Happy Planner materials to create it. The slimmer size of the half-notes is more like the weekly hobonichi planners that are now popular. 

It’s similar to a bullet journal only it uses the Happy Planner disc system and most people use Happy Planner stickers to create their spreads. It’s an inexpensive way to join the hobonichi trend with Happy Planner materials you probably already have at home.

Dana from @magical_plans on Instagram (image showed above) is thought to be the creator of the Happy Notes version of the fauxbonichi. The trend has taken off and 


Are there stickers just for the fauxbonichi?

While you can use any stickers from the Happy Planner line, you will see a lot of people online using the journaling stickers or simple box stickers to create their spreads. Which is what gives it the bullet journaling feel. 

But, I have seen MANY people using any and all types of planner stickers to make their fauxbonichis their own. Just like with the Happy Planner, people are using their fauxbonichis in many creative, different ways. You can create your own fauxbonichi style and set up. 


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Next week in my #happynichi or #fauxbonichi #mambi #thehappyplanner #meandmybigideas #stickeraddict

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What spreads are included in a fauxbonichi? 

There are numerous versions of fauxbonichis out there, but here are some of the basics many people are including:

  • monthly calendar spread
  • weekly calendar spreads
  • habit trackers (see my list of ideas for habit trackers)
  • currently type of pages 
  • goal trackers
  • important dates spread
  • to do lists 
  • memory planner
  • journaling (personal thoughts – similar to a diary) 
  • any of these 175 things to track in a planner would work 

What do you need to create your own fauxbonichi? 

OR, if you’d like to make your own using printable pages, you’ll need:


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Apr 29-May 5 in #beforethepen in my Social Media planner. I wanted to the something a little different this week and this is what happened lol It’s not perfect, but I think for my first time drawing out a spread it turned out pretty well. All of the stickers are from the 3rd colorful boxes sticker book. A plan with me for this spread is up on my channel! Link is in my bio 👉🏻 @thatmrsmiller . . . . #weeklyspread #planahappylife #plannercommunity #embracethediscs #plannergirl #livecreatively #planneraddict #plannerjunkie #plannerstickers #mambi #thehappyplanner #happyplanner #iamahappyplanner #plannerlife #stickers #stickeraddict #plannerspread #happyplannergirl #meandmybigideas #socialmediaplanner #happynotes

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What size is the fauxbonichi?

Most people are using the Classic Happy Planner size half-sheets. BUT, I have seen people using the Big size and also creating minis and micros (and they’re so cute). 

The half-sheet pages for the Happy Planner are approximately 9 1/4 inches tall and 4 1/8 inches wide. 


Where can I get ideas for my fauxbonichi?

Instagram and planner groups are the best fauxbonichi inspiration. Search for fauxbonichi in your planner Facebook groups and you’ll see hundreds of posts all about fauxbonichis. 

On Instagram, if you search the hashtag, #fauxbonichi you’ll find thousands of inspirational photos. Looking for someone to follow on IG? Dana from @magical_plans has an amazing fauxbonichi. 


Free Fauxbonichi Printables

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing free fauxbonichi printables so that you can make your own. Keep checking back on my home page or here on this page. To gain access to the pages, you’ll need to subscribe to become part of the Mom Envy club. Click here to subscribe and obtain your free members-only password

All of my printables will be simple and in black and white. While I love to use colors, I feel it would be most beneficial to my readers as a whole if they were in black and white. That way, you can add colors to match whatever washi, sticker set, and color theme you’ve got going.

Links to the Available Free Printables

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