2020 Free Printable Calendars

Over 15 Free Printable Calendars is at the top in black text with a white background. Below that are various images of 2020 calendars layered on top of each other.

Have you been busy looking for 2020 free printable calendars? Only to click a link and find it’s a dead link or the link is to a paid file (that claimed to be free)?

Don’t worry, I have over 15 totally free 2020 printable calendars! You’re bound to find one that meets your style. I’ve done all of the Pinterest searching for you so all you need to do is click the link to get to the calendar and download. 

There are a variety of calendar styles. You can find one that fits your lifestyle and style. Plus, you can grab either 2-page calendar spreads or single calendar pages.

2020 Free Printable Calendars


Free 2020 Craft Calendar - A Craft Themed Printable Calendar

Are you craft-obsessed? This crafty themed calendar is perfect for those that love crafting.

Click to See and Download

2020 Free Printable Calendar - Neutral 2020 Calendar

This neutral 2020 calendar works for any planner style. It's black and white so that you can add any stickers and washi you'd like.

Click to See and Download

Free Printable 2020 Monthly Calendar – Classic

Photo Credit: lovelyplanner.com

This is another great neutral themed calendar only instead of a 2 page spread, this calendar is a single page.

Click to See and Download

2020 Calendar Printable Free Template

Photo Credit: lovelyplanner.com

This single page black and white calendar has a cute cursive font at the top and would work well with any style of stickers and washi.

Click to See and Download

Free Printable 2020 Calendar – Sunday Start

Photo Credit: pjsandpaint.com

This simple calendar has a different color for the top header of each month.

Click to See and Download

Free Planner Printables for Your Best Year 2020 & 2019

Photo Credit: natashalh.com

This calendar is aimed at helping you have a great year. You get more than just calendar pages with this download!

Click to See and Download

2020 Free Printable Calendar Templates

Photo Credit: heydonna.com

You have 2 different calendar options on this page - one cursive and one print.

Click to See and Download

Free Printable Calendar 2020

Photo Credit: www.thenavagepatch.com

I LOVE this floral style calendar. Each month is more beautiful than the one before!

Click to See and Download

2020 Free Printable Calendar - Floral

Photo Credit: www.papertraildesign.com

This is another pretty floral calendar design but with larger print florals at the top.

Click to See and Download

{free printables} 2020 Calendars

Photo Credit: www.botanicalpaperworks.com

You get not one but 6 different free calendar printables on this site. They each have a different design including a coloring book one and a botanical style!

Click to See and Download

2020 Crafty and Cute Printable Calendar for Moms - iMom

Photo Credit: www.imom.com

This adorable single page seasonal calendar is great for those that love to theme each month based on the season.

Click to See and Download

Free Floral 2020 Printable Calendar

Photo Credit: www.onsuttonplace.com

This is another great floral calendar design. This one has a note section at the bottom of each calendar.

Click to See and Download

Free 2020 Calendar Printables

Photo Credit: www.organizationobsessed.com

This bright calendar would bring a pop of color to any planner.

Click to See and Download

Free Printable Adult Coloring Calendar for 2020

Photo Credit: www.thenavagepatch.com

Do you love adult coloring books? Then this calendar is perfect for you! You get an image to color for each month.

Click to See and Download

More Files to Create your Own Planner

If you’re looking for more files to make your own planner or customize the one you have, I have everything you need here on Mom Envy. You can print everything you need to make your own planner. Here is what’s available:

2020 Free Printable Calendars – How to Print

  1. Find the calendar you want to print.
  2. Sign up for the blog’s club to get the password (if required) OR click to download the calendar.
  3. Print it in letter-size or another size the blogger has provided.
  4. Don’t see the size you want? No worries! You can use my directions to resize the printable to meet your planner size.

Have a differently sized planner or a traveler’s notebook? No worries! You can print the letter size calendar for any size planner. You can read the full directions on how to resize planner printables here (including videos). 

How to Resize Planner Printables for Any Planner or Travelers Notebook (TN). How to Print planner printables for the Happy Planner, KikkiK planner, Franklin Covey planner, and more. Learn how to print any printable. #planners #freeplannerprintables #plannerprintables #happyplanner #travelersnotebook #TN





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