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Free 2020 Craft Calendar – A Craft Themed Printable Calendar

Are you a craft-lover? Then this free 2020 craft calendar may be the perfect calendar for your planner this year! 

Each month has a different crafty theme. The themes include:

  • sewing
  • planning
  • DIY’ing
  • baking
  • vinyl/cutting machine work
  • photography
  • general crafting

The planner is designed as a 2-page spread. It can be used for any size planner and is meant to be used open as a spread instead of 2 single pages back to back or one after the other.

It is a typical calendar style for most planners so that you can see the entire month at once with some extra space to write vs. a single page calendar. 

Free 2020 Craft Calendar Pages

Want to get a better look at the calendar? Here are all of the pages in this year’s crafty 2020 calendar! Remember, each month is a 2-page spread. There is a left page (the one with the month) and then the right page (the following page with 2020). 

Additional 2020 Calendars

If you’re here but wishing you had found a more typical calendar, no worries! Check out the links below.

More Files to Create your Own Planner

If you’re looking for more files to make your own planner or customize the one you have, I have everything you need here on Mom Envy. You can print everything you need to make your own planner. Here is what’s available:

Free 2020 Craft Calendar – Available Sizes & File Types

There are two sizes available that are ready to print.

  • Letter-size (Big Happy Planner)
  • Classic Happy Planner
  • PDF Files
  • JPG Files (for those that do digital planning)

Have a differently sized planner or a traveler’s notebook? No worries! You can print the letter size calendar for any size planner. You can read the full directions on how to resize planner printables here (including videos). 

How to Resize Planner Printables for Any Planner or Travelers Notebook (TN). How to Print planner printables for the Happy Planner, KikkiK planner, Franklin Covey planner, and more. Learn how to print any printable. #planners #freeplannerprintables #plannerprintables #happyplanner #travelersnotebook #TN


Free 2020 Printable Craft Calendar at the top. Below it are pages from the craft calendar.


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  • Simply click the “Click me to Download” image below to get to the paged where the file is located. You’ll need the members-only password to download the file (subscribe here).
  • My favorite paper for planner pages and inserts is this paper. 
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Thursday 28th of March 2024

Do you make a craft themed planner calendar for2024 similar to the free one you made for 2020? Do you make a seasonal themed planner calendar similar to the free one you made for 2020? If so please let me know! I love both designs!


Monday 1st of April 2024

I don't have the craft theme planner anymore unfortunately. But, I do have a seasonal planner that I update each year. 2024 Seasonal 2 Page Calendar and Single Page 2024 Seasonal Calendar

Leslie F

Tuesday 28th of March 2023

Hey there I just wanted to say thanks I loooove looking thru your site (almost as badly of someone taking me to a craft store,where I literally look at every sticker & gel pen ever made) lol but the free ones r so great bc otherwise I couldn't afford everytime paying. Also wanna give a shout out for recognizing and including am iep page in the school section of that planner,I don't think I've seen anyone else so far recognize this. Thanks a bunch ,starting to get more organized w less chaos thanks again.


Thursday 3rd of December 2020

Can you please do this calendar again for 2021? It's my favorite 💚


Monday 9th of November 2020

2021 available?

elizabeth cook

Thursday 2nd of July 2020

will you be doingthis style with a 2021 calendar?